Who Are You Remembering This Holiday Season?

7 months ago

Death has touched us all, some more recently than others. 

Grief has no actual timeline, no end point where we are suddenly “fine.”

Each of us responds to our loss in different ways. 

Each of us in our own way and on our own time figure out how to go on living without our special person.

With the holidays centering around family, friendship, joy, and laughter we are reminded of who is missing. 

The Holidays become bittersweet– seeing the joy around us but feeling the emptiness our special person has left.

We smile, laugh, yet tears are there.


Here are some thoughts that may ease you though this holiday season:

Thank your special person for being in your life.

Wish them well on their new journey.

Don’t hesitate to mention their name to others, to share memories, to say “she/he would have enjoyed this.”

It’s healing to laugh and to cry with others. 

Write your special person a letter, a holiday card. Put down on paper your thoughts, feelings, your tears. Burn the letter or card and scatter the ashes to the wind.

Let how you go forward on your life adventure without your special person be the gift you give them.

This holiday season I am remembering many who are no longer with me. My parents, friends, friends’ husbands, acquaintances, and my own husband.

I am also remembering so many that are alive and in my life. My children, grandchildren, nursing school friends, high school friends, special friends.

I bless those in my life today. 

I bless those that are no longer with me physically but who I carry in my memory.

I carry all of my special people in my heart this holiday season.

I also carry you, my community, who send me so much support everyday but especially supported me when Jack died this fall. 

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