The Rules of Engagement When It Comes to Senior Care

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Socialization is essential for one’s health and wellbeing at any age, most notably for those aged 65+. Conversely, isolated seniors are more likely to feel depressed, lonely, and sad than those who stay socially engaged. When allowed to persist, negative feelings can even place a senior’s independence at risk. As their caregiver, convincing your client to participate in social activities will help them enjoy a more fulfilling life. What follows are several creative ways to get them off the couch and keep them entertained while connecting with others. 

How Staying Active Benefits Seniors

Numerous studies have shown that adults who remain physically and socially active once they reach age 65 typically enjoy these health benefits as a result:

Improved bone, muscle, and joint health
Lower risk of falling and fall-related fractures
A reduced likelihood of developing chronic anxiety and depression.
Stronger immune system
Higher self-esteem
Reduced risk of dying from coronary heart disease and developing high blood pressure, colon cancer, and diabetes
Greater likelihood to live independently.
Sharper mental acuity that helps slow cognitive decline

Healthy Social Activities for Aging Adults

Older adults can still have fun and enjoy life well into their 80s and 90s. These five fun-filled activities are a healthy way for seniors – and their caregivers – to engage with others:

Take a nature walk

Although this activity is simple, the benefits of walking include stress relief, promoting a better night’s sleep, and improved cardiovascular endurance. Whether it’s a short walk around the neighborhood or taking your client to a big park, a nature walk can do wonders for their body and mind.

In addition to interacting with others, being out in nature helps lower blood pressure, increase physical fitness, and speed up the recovery process. If there are any ducks or pigeons around, feeding birds while taking a nature walk can give an older adult a renewed sense of purpose.

Have a picnic

While enjoying all the benefits of your nature walk, why not combine it with a picnic? If your client has mobility issues, plan a picnic or cookout with them in their backyard, and invite some of their friends and family. Once your delicious and nutritious meal is ready, spend time talking, sharing stories, or fondly reminiscing about days gone by while enjoying your culinary creations.

Visit a local museum

Depending on a senior’s interests, going to the museum can be a lot of fun. For instance, if it’s an art museum, you can both quietly observe each piece while pondering what it means to you. Taking an older veteran to a war museum will allow them to think back to when they proudly served their country. No matter what museum you choose to visit, being there can have a positive effect on your client’s physical and emotional health.

Watch old movies

If it’s raining or too hot to venture outdoors, a good backup plan is watching old movies with your client. Watching movies is a relaxing indoor activity that will allow them to escape life’s stressors for a while. Find a streaming service that offers a robust lineup of classic movies or TV shows, and then let your client pick out some of their favorites.

Do some arts and crafts

Although this may sound childish, doing arts and crafts can be therapeutic for older adults – starting with the fact it helps improve their motor skills. From finger painting to candle making, joining your client for a fun-filled afternoon of arts and crafts can be a great way for you both to reduce stress and share some laughs while unleashing your inner creativity.

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