The Psychological Effect of a Hospital Stay on Seniors

2 years ago

While time in the hospital can help a senior physically, it can have adverse effects on their mental health. Treatment can turn to trauma. The stress of a hospital stay can ultimately result in a decline of an elderly patient’s mental and physical health, slowing down their long-term recovery, well-being, and quality of life. In fact, a 2012 study from Neurology suggested that the risk for cognitive declines more than doubles for seniors after a hospital stay. If you are caring for a senior after a hospital stay, here are some of the psychological effects to be aware of. 


  1. Todd

    On many occasions, I have witnessed first-hand the effects of a hospital stay on seniors. There are many factors that play into the psychological effect and it’s virtually impossible to know the effects on mental health…other than it does present challenges. This article lends some insight and please don’t take this topic lightly.

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