Family Caregiving: Where Compassion Meets Complexity

8 months ago
Family Caregiving: Where Compassion Meets Complexity

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November is National Family Caregivers Month. We want to acknowledge, celebrate and thank America’s over 53 million family caregivers for the incredible difference they are making in the lives of friends, family members and neighbors.

If you’re a family caregiver, we mean it when we say you are so important — not simply for your role as a caregiver, but that YOU as a person are incredibly important. We hope that during this special month, you can begin placing more care and attention on your own physical and mental well-being. There is only one you — and you are a gift!

Caregiving today is increasingly complex

What does a caregiving life look like? Family caregivers often spend hours every day doing everything from managing medications and performing complex medical tasks to handling bills and finances, coordinating care, helping with medical decisions, meeting social interaction needs, providing transportation and much more.

Compared to even just a few years ago, caregiving is becoming more complex, taxing and stressful. In fact, a recent evaluation conducted by the Family Caregiver Institute at the UC Davis School of Nursing showed:

91% of family caregivers provided a high level of care
82% assisted with at least one medical/nursing task
76% spend more than 40 hours per week caregiving
65% care for someone requiring almost constant care
71% received no paid help

In short, caregivers are often overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted.

What we also see, though, is the compassion, generosity and kindness that underpins the care they provide. We are always touched and inspired by the love and dedication that drives them to provide the best possible care, even when it feels overwhelming and demanding.

This month, we invite you to join us in acknowledging, thanking and helping family caregivers in your life — even if that’s you!

Source: Special thanks to Family Caregivers Alliance for thier work supporting Family Caregivers in California and beyond. 

We hope this information is helpful to you in the important work you do as a family caregiver.
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