5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle as a Busy Caregiver

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There are over 4.5 million professional caregivers in the U.S., a number projected to rise over the next five years. Caregivers work in various settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living communities, and private residences. And although caregiving is highly gratifying, it can also be physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding. If you are currently working as a professional caregiver, here are five proven ways to enjoy a healthier work-life balance while delivering the quality care your clients deserve.

What Is Caregiver Fatigue?

Commonly experienced by informal caregivers, fatigue can also sneak up on paid caregivers when least expected. Some professional caregivers find themselves serving in both roles when an aged or disabled loved one needs help maintaining their independence.

These are the classic warning signs of caregiver fatigue:

Sleep deprivation
Anxiety and depression
Difficulty performing simple tasks
Rapid weight gain or weight loss
Postponing or completely ignoring medical appointments
Substance abuse
Not exercising
Poor eating habits
Lack of interest in activities once enjoyed
Social isolation

Ignoring these symptoms won’t make them go away. If allowed to persist, caregiver fatigue will eventually impact your job performance and personal life.

Self-Care Tips for Tired Caregivers

Here’s how to enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling life while getting paid to care for others:

Accept your limitations

Using senior home care as an example, no matter how hard you try, your client’s condition will eventually worsen. Rather than allowing yourself to get frustrated and overwhelmed, prioritize your daily tasks, and focus on the most important ones — like getting them to eat everything on their dinner plate or try a new hobby.

Make healthier lifestyle choices

If you’re sick in bed (again) because you’re not taking care of yourself, start making some positive lifestyle changes. Eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and avoid unhealthy habits like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol to excess. Get a complete physical every year, and don’t ignore your other medical appointments.

Pamper yourself (often)

Not everyone has what it takes to be a successful caregiver. Reward yourself for a job well done by doing something you enjoy every week. Use your scheduled downtime to learn a new hobby, go clothes shopping, or just spend a few hours curled up on the couch binge-watching your favorite TV shows. Whatever you decide to do, don’t feel guilty for taking a break from your caregiving duties.

Set aside some “me” time

Find time to participate each week in healthy stress-relieving activities like walking, swimming, Tai Chi, or Yoga three to five times per week. Treat yourself at least once a month to a spa day, shopping spree, or date night with your significant other.

Start a caregiving journal

Another way to emotionally decompress is by keeping a daily caregiving journal. Use it to record both positive and negative experiences you are going through — like the fact you were able to get your client out of the house for some much-needed exercise. When you’re having a bad day, go back and relive the good moments and focus on how your efforts are making a difference in the lives of others, including their families.

Take some time off

Even the most “battle-tested” caregivers need to take an occasional break. In addition to the emotional and mental demands, caregiving can be a physically strenuous job. Injuries such as pulled muscles, achy joints, and sore backs are common ailments for caregivers.

As a result, asking for help doesn’t make you a failure. Don’t hesitate to speak to your supervisor and request time off when caregiver fatigue is starting to limit your ability to provide the level of care your recipients and their families deserve.

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