Navigating career growth and caregiving responsibilities



7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Balancing our career aspirations alongside caring responsibilities is a challenge that many of us face throughout various stages of our professional lives, whether it involves tending to the needs of young children or providing care for friends and family members dealing with long-term illnesses or complex conditions.

How do we strive to maintain a balance in a way that makes both our work and personal lives manageable, with neither side adversely impacting the other? How can we pursue and develop a fulfilling career, whilst also remaining present for those who need us most?

In an online discussion, including a Q&A, our speakers will reflect on personal experiences, as well as exploring how managers and organisations can best support colleagues who are facing caring responsibilities whilst navigating career development.


  • Beth Broomby, Head of News and Research Communications, Lancaster University
  • Nick Hillier, Director of Communications & Engagement, Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Helen Jamison, Freelance Consultant and Global Coordinator, Science Media Centre
  • Kathryn Weir, Senior Brand & Marketing Communications Manager, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Chaired by: Jodie Bell, Stempra committee member and Senior Media Relations Manager, Taylor & Francis

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