Empowered Caregivers Forum – Sickle Cell Disease (3 sessions in 2023)



10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Join Carla Lewis, CEO of Kids Conquering Sickle Cell Disease Foundation and Rae Blaylark, CEO of Sickle Cell Foundation of Minnesota for the Empowered Caregivers Forum.

Host Carla Lewis and Rae Blaylark are mother’s of children born with sickle cell disease. We welcome you to join a forum created to support, educate and share resources with parents/caregivers of a child/children or young adult with sickle cell disease/ trait or thalassemia. The forum will provide a safe place for parents to share & ask questions bridging the gap to important conversations.

Sessions are scheduled 7am PT/ 9 am CT/ 10 am ET – There are three scheduled dates:

Session I April 22: Sickle Cell Disease: Silent Damage

Session II July 22: Sickle Cell Trait: What should we know?

Session III Oct 14: Let’s Talk About It: Gene Therapy & Stem Cell Transplant


Each session will offer guest speakers and a Q& A discussion session.

Guest speakers for April 22 session includes: Maya Bloomburg, APRN; Shana Andrews BSW, CFSW; & Shaquansia Love, patient advocate. Our discussion circle session will include an inspirational journey of warrior Shaquansia Love’s experience managing sickle cell disease while balancing a career, motherhood, and being a wife.

Carla Lewis & Rae Blaylark are parent & patient advocates dedicated to educating the community and support parents /caregivers. As parents they understand that it takes a village of support and resources to provide the best care for children/ young adults living with sickle cell.

We welcome YOU to join us for our interactive sessions! Register Today!

Participant Prizes & Resources ..

*All registered participants with verified attendance will receive a resource packet with information. (US residents)

* Each session will include a chance to win prizes!

* Attend all three sessions & you will be entered in a chance to win a $100 dollar Amazon Gift Card

Register Today! We look forward to meeting you! (You must register separately for all sessions due to separate session dates)

We welcome sponsors & supporters. If you are interested in being a sponsor/ supporter of this program or other educational programs, please contact admin@kidsconqueringscd.org

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