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My Care Friends and the sisters of Confessions of a Reluctant Caregiver are joining together to launch a special podcast series titled “Caregiving Youth: Hidden in Plain Sight.” The series aims to spotlight over 5.4 million children and teenagers in the U.S., plus the tens of millions of youths worldwide, aged 21 or younger, who are currently or have previously provided care for individuals with complex illnesses, chronic conditions, disabilities, and mental health issues as well as for aging loved ones.

The program has two distinct, yet inter-related series of events: Tuesday caregiving youth podcasts, and Thursday education on the caregiving youth topic hosted by Todd Keitz (CEO of My Care Friends) and Natalie Elliott-Handy (Chief Energy Officer, Confessions of a Reluctant Caregiver.) All are recorded podcasts, except for the final session that’s a live webinar with NBC/MSNBC News Anchor, Richard Lui. Richard is a powerful advocate for caregiving youth and the producer of the film, Sky Blossom, which focuses on this topic related to kids taking care of their family members who are U.S. Veterans.

Each episode will drop on the social media platforms of My Care Friends, Confessions of a Reluctant Caregiver, and their leadership Todd Keitz, Katie Seymour, Natalie Elliott-Handy,  and JJ Elliott-Hill. The schedule is below:

Week of July 29: Tuesday Podcast –> Rebecca Dowhy, Caregiving Youth // Thursday Education –> Caregiving Around the World panel: American Association of Caregiving Youth (U.S.), Carers Trust (UK), Little Dreamers (Australia), and Hospice Toronto – Young Carers Program (Canada)

Week of August 5: Tuesday Podcast –> Kaylin Jean-Louis, Caregiving Youth // Thursday Education –> PYX Health

Week of August 12: Tuesday Podcast –> AACY Caregiving Youth // Thursday Education –> Kids Kicking Cancer – Heroes Circle

Week of August 19: Tuesday Podcast –> Caregiving Youth from Carers Trust (UK) and Young Carers Program (Canada) // Thursday Education –> Jason Resendez, National Alliance for Caregiving & Rita Solnet, Parents Across America – State and Federal Lobbyist

Week of August 26: Tuesday Podcast –> Dr. Feylyn Lewis, Associate Dean at Vanderbilt Univ., TEDx talker, former Caregiving Youth // Thursday Education –> Lorenzo’s House

Week of September 2: Little Dreamers Australia, Caregiving Youth // Thursday Education –> LIVE Instagram roundtable with caregiving youth guests, moderated by Richard Lui

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Contacts: Katie Seymour, / Todd Keitz,

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