Brain Injury Association of York, Share in Care: Caregiver Support Group 2023



7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Benefit from the opportunity to share your experiences of caregiving and gain ideas from the experiences of others.

Involves a virtual and in-person platform, (when functionally possible for all), and includes the input of a trauma-informed and experienced social worker.

Potential to learn coping, thriving, and joy-building strategies to preserve your energy within the challenging role of caregiving.

Agenda for Meetings

  • Check in and grounding moments-take a few minutes while others arrive to fully arrive and be ready to share by 7:05 pm
  • Name, pronouns [can include your pronouns in your Zoom name, and if you want to share some details of the person you care for quickly it is welcome
  • Follow up round allows opportunity to share some challenges you experience, or some realizations you have come to within your care role
  • Shared discussions on supporting one another with identified group challenges, realizations
  • Follow up on previous meeting topics, information gathered in relation to the topic, and possible formal exercise or presentation or guest speaker on topic previously identified as needing attention for the group
  • Identification of new topic to be discussed in upcoming meeting
  • Check out-taking the time to exit in a way that you are ready for the rest of your evening
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